Digital Coating Thickness Gauge-CTG03

Digital Coating Thickness Gauge-CTG03


Competitive paint depth gauge is designed for 0-1800μm thickness measurement. The paint thickness gauge has zero calibration, two-point calibration and basic calibration. Coating thickness gauge is highly accurate and compact tester, which comes with 0.05mm/2mil resolution car mode and 0.01mm/1mil resolution user modes.

Product Introduction


Measuring the thickness of non-magnetic coating on the magnetic metal substrate.
Measuring the thickness of the non-metallic coating on the non-magnetic metal substrate.
Automatically identifying the non-magnetic metal substrate and magnetic metal substrate.
Single measurement , continuous measurement and differential measurement available.
Zero-point calibration , Offset Calibration and basic calibration available.
Metric and imperial units of measurement optional.
LCD backlight
Automatic shutdown

Technical Specifications

Measurement Range Measurement Error Minimum Thickness Of Metal Substrat Operating Humidity Power Supply Overall Dimensions Weight



≤150μm ±5μm

>150μm ±(3%H+1μm)

0.5mm 10~95% RH 2*1.5V AAA Batteries 62x27x121.5mm 105.03g

Tips: Coating thickness gauge troubleshooting.


The paint thickness gauge does not display numbers. Check whether the battery is fully charged. If the measurement still does not display the value after determining that the battery is fully charged, consider replacing the paint thickness meter with a new one.