Short Wave Infrared Heating Light-1200W

Short Wave Infrared Heating Light-1200W

Model : MS-1200W

Fast drying:Just in 15 minutes to make a bright painted surface
aluminum material

Upgrade NIR ultrashort wave.
A. Penetration increased by 3 times.
B. Faster solidification and higher gloss.
C. More than 30% energy saving.
D. 15 minutes to make the paint solidation.

The lamp body is made of aluminum,only weights 2kg.
A. Better heat dissipation effect.
B. longer service life.
C. Aviation aluminum, portable and practical.

NIR quartz halogen short wave infrared lamp service life over 30000 hours.

304 stainless steel reflector,Uniform heat distribution.

die-cast aluminum radiator

1.5m cord

Product Introduction


Short wave quartz infrared heaters are used in various industrial applications. It contains tungsten filament, helically wound, encased in quartz envelope. It is by products free & pollution free. Heat focus is very accurate due to compact and narrow diameter of IR tubes.

The quartz envelope allows transmission of IR energy and protecting the filament from convective cooling and corrosion. Addition of small percentage of halogen gas in it not only increases life of emitter but also protects blackening of tube and depreciation on infrared energy. The rated life of short wave infrared heater is around 5000 Hrs.
Short wave infrared emitter modules with high light emitting efficiency.

Technical Specifications

Short Wave Infrared Heating Light-1200W
Input Voltage Baking Area Maximum Power Temperature Timing Function Color Package
110v/220v 600*600mm 1200w 100℃ 0-60 mins White/Custom 450*150*250mm