Waxing Applicator Kit-WAX-A

Waxing Applicator Kit-WAX-A


Professional Foam Applicator,Waxing/Polishing Applicator

Product Introduction


There are such features of this pad:

Higher flexibility

Lower distortion

Good stability

Small shrink

Non-scratch the paint

Clearcoat safe and Environmentally safe.

Works well with car glazes, silicones, polishes and waxes

The useful of this applicator:

1.To deep clean the paint by removing oxidation.

2.To remove fine scratches and swirls from a paint surface produced from improper washing or drying technique.

3.Makes your car life extension, looks more shinner and brighter, just like a new one

Technical Specifications

Waxing Applicator Kit WAX-A

1PC   φ72mm PU Block

1PC   φ75mm Orange/Blue/Yellow/Applicator

1PC   φ75mm Black/White/Applicator

Material:Germany Foam ,Manufactured as Europe/US Standard

Customized Logo Printed is available,and customized size is available!