Finger Foam Applicator-FA-3

Finger Foam Applicator-FA-3


Quality Foam Applicator.Durable /long time to be used

Easy to apply wax/polish for car.

let’s enjoy car detailing by this applicator

Product Introduction


Made from super soft foam, designed to fit your fingers giving greater control when waxing.

It also features a tapered end allowing it to fit in many different sized wax pots, both large and small.

To use, fold the open end in on itself, creating a cuff that grips either two or three fingers.

Perfect for applying paste or liquid waxes, sealants and glazes.

Embossed logo on applicator is available now!

Technical Specifications

Finger Foam Applicator FA-3
Size Colour
12x8cm White/Red/Black/Yellow/Orange/Green