Shortwave Infrared Curing Lamps-2400WE

Shortwave Infrared Curing Lamps-2400WE

Model : MS-2400WE

Features of a Short Wave IR curing system compared to conventional methods:
• reduces curing times of organic solvent based paint products
• reduces drying times of water-based products
• instant on/off – no warm-up or cool-down periods
• dramatically less expensive to operate with better results
• saves energy because drying can be focused on repaired area, not the entire vehicle

Product Introduction


Short Wave IR is different from other curing methods in many ways. It dries and cures by penetrating through the wet coating and heating the layers underneath.

A “bottom-up” cure is superior to the “top-down” process associated with other curing methods in that it produces a more thorough cure, and more heat can be applied without fear of skinning and solvent popping. Short Wave IR’s higher heating temperatures reduce cure times and improve quality.

Technical Specifications

Shortwave Infrared Curing Lamps-2400WE
Input Voltage Baking Area Maximum Power Temperature Timing Function Color
110v/220v 600*1400mm 1200w*2 100℃ 0-60 mins White/Custom