Shortwave Infrared Cure Lamp For Car Detailing-3600W

Shortwave Infrared Cure Lamp For Car Detailing-3600W

Model : MS-3600W

Integrated base,strong and stable.silent caster.

Shortwave Infrared Heating Tubes are approved by an international particular light source laboratory, ensuring a long service life of more than 30000 hours.

The Heat Reflection Plate is 304# stainless steel for a heat-reflecting rate of more than 80%.
We apply to Mechanical Timer and quality Electrical Elements to our infrared paint dryer.

Multi-Bearings Device is integrated with the infrared lamp, creating one-hand simple control for cassette’s rotation.

We equip Aluminium Alloy Column with Location Holes in our three-cassette models. It provides a much easier operation for cassette height fixation than a standard stainless steel column.

Product Introduction


We equip wheels with our Paint Dryers, so you can quickly move them around in your workshop, even in your spray booth and prep stations.

Most of the models are equipped with (digital) time – gauges and optionally equipped with distance – meters and temperature – sensors to dry safely and efficiently.

Technical Specifications

Shortwave Infrared Cure Lamp For Car Detailing-3600W
Input Voltage: 110v/220v Baking Area: 1400*1400mm
Maximum Power: 3600w Temperature:0-100℃+
Timing Function: 0-60 mins Single Control: 1200w/2400w/3600w
Color: White/Custom Net Weight:45kg
Package:63*16*77cm Column:58*18*153cm