Floor Moveable Paint Curing IR Lamps-7200W

Floor Moveable Paint Curing IR Lamps-7200W

Model : MS-7200W

Suitable for Automobile 4S Shop, Car Manufacturer, and other Paint Curing requirements.
Be installed on the ceiling (such as spray booth, prep station) or solid wall.
Work for all kinds of coating (such as putty, base coat, clear cost, water base paint) and any place of the workpiece surface.
Be moved horizontally and vertically by track system and up and down by the hydraulic system.
The cassettes can be rotated 360°.
Each lamp can work individually.
Over 30000 hours of service life.
The aluminum alloy track system ensures durability.
No cables on the floor.
Intelligent computerized control and easy operation.
High-temperature resistant material provides safe and reliable work.

Product Introduction


We equip wheels with our Paint Dryers, so you can quickly move them around in your workshop, even in your spray booth and prep stations.

You can minimize the drying-curing time With CE-marked Paint Curing Infrared Lamps from Maxshine.
You do not need to take 12+ hours to remove the moisture in your paint.

Technical Specifications

Floor Moveable Paint Curing IR Lamps-7200W
Input Voltage: 110v/220v Baking Area: 1400*2800mm
Maximum Power: 7200w Temperature:0-100℃+
Timing Function: 0-60 mins Single Control: 1200/2400/3600/4800/6000/7200w
Color: White/Custom Maximum Curing Time: 99 min
Curing Area: 2*0.6㎡/cassette Dry Distance:0.5-0.8m
Ising Temperature Time:5-15min(20℃-80℃) Lamp Length:480mm

With 4 preset programs for putty, clear coat, base coat, and water-based paint.

Flash-off function.

With a temperature controller option.

4 rails, 2 rails with 6.8M long in the vertical direction, and another 2 rails with 3.7M in the horizontal direction. The length can be changed according to the working area size.