Stainless Steel Car Mat Hanger-Single-MCH01

Stainless Steel Car Mat Hanger-Single-MCH01

Model : MCH01

Secure mat clamp to shop wall.
Makes washing down a set of mats easy.
Produced with the highest grade materials.

Product Introduction


Hang and clean your car mats: Hang and clean your vehicle floor mats using the same mat clamps as the professionals! Excellent way to air dry wet car mats that are due for a good cleaning!

Hang or mount anywhere: The maxshine mat clamp is perfect for hanging floor mats to wash, clean and dry. Mounts easily to any wall or flat surface!

Our car mat clamps use high quality steel construction built with waterproof materials.

Can hold up any car mat: Our heavy-duty spring easily holds even the heaviest mats in place. Holds car mats in place even while pressure washing!

2 styles to choose can purchased according to individual needs single station or dual station.

Technical Specifications


Mat clamps measure 10.83” L x 2.56“ H x 1.57“ W, with two mounting, 1/2″ Holes.