Compound Holder-CH02

Compound Holder-CH02


Place and display the Compound.

Product Introduction


The Compound is better placed together, neat and uncluttered.
Hang on the wall, easy to receive, beautiful, neat.

Technical Specifications

Compound holder-CH02
Length Width Height Slot size Material
540 mm 190 mm 185 mm φ85mm Iron

CH02:Size:Length: 540 mm Width: 190 mm, Height: 185 mm,Slot size:φ85mm,Color:Black Grey + Red Rubber Ring,Useful:16OZ/32OZ Bottle Only

Compound holder-CH02B
Length Width Height Slot size Material
464 mm 100 mm 170 mm φ70mm Iron

CH02-B:Size:Length: 464 mm Width: 100 mm, Height: 170 mm,Slot size:φ70mm,Color:Black Grey + Red Rubber Ring,Useful:16OZ Bottle Only