Clay Bar-CB100

Clay Bar-CB100


Magic Clay Bar

Aggressive/Medium/Fine Grade

Customized Weight is available

Packaging:Polybag,Plastic box,Steel box.

Product Introduction


Clay Bar has become a really popular component to car enthusiast’s culture, as it removes the increasing damage being done to the finishes of today’s vehicle due to harsh pollutants that burn right through conventional protectants. Invisible pollutants such as industrial fallout, car exhaust and oxidation from acid rain, along with visible impurities like road tar, tree sap and insect residue, can irreversible damage a new finish in a few short years.

1.Deeply cleans and removes surface contaminants like tree sap mist, bug residue, paint overspray, road tar, rail dust, and other stubborn dirt.

2.Makes your are super-clean and smooth as glass.

3. Safe for all sensitive skin.

Our advantage:

1.Direcltly use with water.No need any extra lubricate.Can be used many times for 1PCS.

2.It can also rub off chemical substance, such as tar or asphalt and won’t damage cars’ surface.

3Regular size: 200gr. bar / 150 gr. bar / 100 gr. bar / 50 gr. bar (Color:Blue, Red, Yellow,Black, Green,Purple,Customized color/weight is available)

4.The quality of clay magic as same as other famouse brand

How to use our car clay?

1.Start by parking the car in shade and soaking the exterior with water.

2.Mix proper proportion of car wash liquid in bucket of water. Do not use dish washing liquid or other soap. It can harm the car’s finish. Wash a section of the car at a time, rinse until completing the entire car.

3.Dry the car with a towel

4.Apply the clay bar. This is an interesting part of the process. The purpose of a clay bar is to dislodge touch stuck on road materials in addition to smoothing out the finish. Rub your hand over the car surface before applying clay bar and you will fill small rough spots. After clay bar application and wiping off, the surface will be perfectly smooth. Use as directed with the liquid it comes with, a small section at a time

5.Wax if desired. This will increase shine and help protect the car’s finish.

Technical Specifications

Clay Bar 
Item NO. Weight
MS-CB50 50g
MS-CB100 100g
MS-CB150 150g
MS-CB200 200g