Pad Washer-PW01,PW02

Pad Washer-PW01,PW02

Model: PW01,PW02

Pad Washer,Pad Cleaner

Wool Polishing Pad Cleaner

Product Introduction


The Pad Washer is designed for both wool & foam pad cleaning.

Clean soiled foam pads without the mess!

The Pad Washer is a completely enclosed pad washing system that cleans and dries used polishing pads.

Buffer powered pad washer cleans and conditions both foam and wool pads in just 30 seconds.

Eliminates wool blow-off and lint in work areas.

Portable and easily adjustable to fit any pad/buffer combination.

Regular cleaning and conditioning improves performance and extends the useful life of the pads.

Technical Specifications

Pad Washer-PW01,PW02
Item NO. Volume Material Type
MS-PW01 20L,φ260x380mm PP Pad Washer Generation 1 RO
MS-PW02 20L,φ260x380mm PP Pad Washer Generation 2 DA