Detailing Brush-WB02 Series

Detailing Brush-WB02 Series

Model:WB02 Series

Car Detailing Brush

Cleaning Dust and Cleaning Air Vents,so easy!

Product Introduction



Detailing between air vents and in seams on your dashboard and console can be a challenge. Many professional detailers don‘t even bother cleaning all the nooks and crannies because it’s just not an efficient way to use their time. That’s because they don’t have the Two Way Mini Detailing Brush.This useful two way mini detaing brush.

The 1″,1.2″,1.4″,1.6″,1.8″,2.0″Round Detailing Brush is a 10″long brush with a thick head of genuine boar’s hair bristles. It’s perfect for cleaning out the area at the bottom of both windshields where dust and dirt like to accumulate. The tapered bristles will not scratch the glass, but they are sturdy enough to loosen stubborn crumbs. The long handle makes it easy to reach anywhere in your vehicle without straining. The brush is 1″,1.5″,2″ ,2.5″,3″ in diameter so you can quickly whisk away crumbs from the seats and the dust that accumulates at the base of the windows.

Technical Specifications

Detailing Brush-WB02 Series

WB02-8# 1.75cm 4.5cm 12.7cm
WB02-10# 2.15cm 4.5cm 13.5cm
WB02-12# 2.45cm 4.5cm 14.5cm
WB02-14# 2.75cm 4.5cm 14.7cm
WB02-16# 3.1cm 4.5cm 15cm
WB02-18# 3.55cm 4.5cm 15.4cm

Material:Synthetic Bristles,Plastic Handle,Plastic Ring.