Spy Shots—Ferrari Portofino Caught With New Face

A prototype for the facelifted Ferrari Portofino has been spied undergoing tests in Germany. The model saw the day of light in 2017, so 2021 could be just the right time for a makeover before a new Portofino arrives around 2025.

While the rear of the car caught on camera appears to be left unchanged so far, the front is definitely different from the latest model. It comes with a new bumper, new grille and new “bandit” headlights, the latter resembling those of the Ferrari Roma.Car Detailing Compound Holder

Under the hood will be the new 620-hp V8 turbo engine equipped with a new Euro 6.2d temp approval, thanks the introduction of the particulate filter and many other details already seen in the Roma. The new fully digital interior and the new dual clutch gearbox (transaxle) with eight gears instead of the previous seven should also be part of the game.