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MS-DRC01Detailer's Rolling Creeper MS-DRC01


Detailer's Rolling Creeper

Min. Height: 415mm

Max. Height: 550mm

Material: Steel+PU+Sponge

Color:Red or Black

Unique Features

Detailer’s  Rolling Creeper is a specially designed stool that brings a little comfort to your everyday detailing tasks. A cushioned and adjustable seat makes everything from wheel cleaning, to polishing on lower panels that much easier. The bottom plate is perfect for storing your detailing supplies while you work and the wheels allow you to scoot around with ease. Detailer’s Rolling Creeper brings you all the comfort of a high-end specialty cart . The adjustable seat allows you to sit at any level you desire and the full 360 degree rotation lets you adjust accordingly without too much movement on the cart. The cushioned top makes your session comfortable. The Detailer’s Rolling Creeper lets you work smarter, not harder, and will make much of your detailing tasks easier and more efficient!