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MS-WWM02Genuine Sheepskin Wool Wash Mitt MS-WWM02


Long Hair Sheepskin Car Wash Wool Mitt

Lambswool wash Mitt

Material:100% Genuine Sheepskin Wool


Wool Pile Length:50-30mm

Very Durable,easy cleaning with soap,large absorbent,soft and no scratch on car surface,no static

Unique Features

Made from the same Australian Merino wool as most sheepskin mitts it consists of a very dense soft pile, making it an ideal wash mitt.

Sheepskin wash mitts make the perfect choice for washing your vehicle.

The wash stage is the single most important step in maintaining the paintowork on your car.

Unlike with sponges grit and dirt during the wash process is drawn up into the soft pile greatly reducing the risk of scratching.

We think sheepskin is the very best method of washing. The thumb design gives out mitt a better fit and allows you to get into cracks and crevices with ease.

Do not machine wash, always just rinse in cool water and allow to air dry naturally.