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Magic Clay EVA Block



Packaging:Color box,Blister box

General Introductions & Benefits

This magic clay sponge uses advanced High-tech Polymer Technology to remove contamination from various surfaces without using any chemicals with Unbelievable Results!

Using this products before applying wax, sealant or coating is strongly recommended.

Unique Features

Features & Adavantages & Usage

1: Strong decontamination

It can safely and easily remove stubborn grease, insects stains, rust stains, stainless steel stains and plating stains, double-sided adhesive stains, rain stains and so on over spray from automotive paint and glass surface. Greatly improve the speed of construction

2: Re-useable

It can be used many times, this clay tray  is not water-soluble , so after using, just squeeze it, the contamination  on the magic clay  will come off naturally in water, then you can use it again.

3: Environmentally friendly

Don't need to use any other detergents, only need to use  the most common of our daily- water.

Usage:The magic clay pad has 3 layers.

1. While using, firstly wet the sponge, use the rubber side(black color) to wipe the contamination softly until the surface is clean and smooth.

2. It can be used on car painting, glass, chromeplate surface.

3. If applied by machine, just directly stick the velcro side onto the machine, like wax-polishing machine, abrasive finishing machine.


1. Please don't use it directly on dry painting surface.

2. Cannot be used directly on high temperature surface. Otherwise, it may be dissovled on the surface.

3. Don't press it too hard while using. Just wipe the contamination lightly.