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MS-W150P-C2 SERIESPremium Wool Polishing Pad MS-W150P-C2 Series

MS-W150P-C2 Series

Pro Wool PolishingPad - Aggressive Grade

- The upper layer is 100% sheepshin ,length 6mm,this is main part of this unique pad

- The second layer is the foam, it is very soft,for anti-vibration while working

- The third layer is the stronger Velcro cloth.it's match to the plate backing pad


a.Higher Flexibility

b.Lower Distortion

c.Good Stablility

d.Small Shrink

e.Long Lasting

f.Non-scratch the surface

g.Works very well with car glazes,silicones,polishes,waxes,compounds and selants

h.Used for polishing cars,furniture,upmarket sofa,marble floor,boat body,submarine Purpose:

To deep clean the paint by removing oxidation

To remove fine scratches and swirls from a paint surface produced from improper washing

Makes the subjects looks  more shine and brighter,like a new one

Unique Features
MS-W150P-C2 φ150x22mmVelcro5mm,AggressiveYes
MS-W125P-C2 φ125x22mmVelcro5mm,AggressiveYes
MS-W800P-C2 φ80x12mmVelcro5mm,AggressiveNo

Customized size is available!


Pirnted customized logo on wool pad