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MS-PT4040Plush Microfiber Towel MS-PT4040


Two Sides Are Plush High Pile Loop

MS-PT4040   16x16"

MS-PT4060   16x24"


Material:80% Polyerter,20% Polyamide

Customzied size is also available

Two color microfiber towel for compound together.Softest ,long pile, large water absorbability.

Unique Features

A car detailing program is worthless if it adds swirl marks and scratches to your freshly polished paint.

Premium Microfiber Towels & Applicators are the finest available anywhere and will not scratch your paint.Guarantee!

Easier to use, softer and safer Microfiber Towels!

Weight Range:400GSM-1000GSM,customized colors are available.

Try super plush 600 towel with any wax, polish or paint sealant.

You will be amazed at how much easier it is to remove the residue versus conventional towels.

The softest piles penetrate and absorb all particles to give a deep down shine without swirl.