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MS-RP011100W Lightweight Rotary Polisher MS-RP01


Rated Voltage:110V-240V AC        

Variable Speed:0-4,000 RPM  


Spindle Size:5/8" or M14

Backing Plate Size: 7"                      

Rated Power:1200Watt.          

Power Cord:2.10 meters  Cable.      

Net Weight:2.0kgs

Packaging:Color box,Canvas Bag

Accessory:Velcro Backing Plate,Wool Bonnet,Wrench,D Handle,Carbon Brush.

Unique Features

Lightweight Rotary Polisher  MS-RP01
Lightweight Rotary Polisher with a powerful 1100W motor
Unique Features:
Heavy-Duty Motor Provides High Power.
Setting with 6-Speed Digital Display at the Top
Extra Heavy-Duty M14 (5/8") Spindle with Spindle Lock.
Comfortable Non-Slip Grip D Handle.
High Impact Housing with Die Cast Aluminum Head.
Auto Shut-off Carbon Brushes Prevents Motor Damage.
Sealed 100% Ball-Bearing Construction Provides Longer Life.

Warranty:  1 year limited warranty against defects in materials or workmanship.